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I'm a native San Diegan with a passion for creating digital experiences, visual identities and emotional connections between brands and people. Drawing inspiration from hidden details and subtle forms I strive to create immersive experiences that delight users and trigger actions. I'm currently working as the Digital Creative Director at Influx Brands, where a small team of designers and I are building online retail companies and innovative fin-tech software. Contact me if you'd like to work together telling your brand's story.

just a few words of inspiration

  • Logo / Identity / Graphic Standards

    Your brand is the single most important piece of information that communicates with consumers. It's your first impression and prime opportunity to make an impact that enstills your company values, message and core principles. With over 8 year of experience building brands I understand what it takes to make your brand stand out above the competition and resonate with your desired consumers.


    Web design is much more than what a site looks like. It's the cohesion of layout, color, visual heirarchy, typography and photography that tells the story about a product or brand. Web design has evolved into a practice of curating an experience for the user and shaping how they interact with information on any given page. I've designed hundreds of sites over my career and would love the opportunity to tell your brand's story through creating an immersive online experience.

  • Wireframes / Prototypes / User Testing / Personas

    Creating an intuitive user experience within a responsive web application can be a challenging and rewarding task. I've had the opportunity to work in an Agile environment with teams of talented developers and architects to build some very innovative fintech and social advertising software. UI design isn't making a perfectly shaped, gradient overlay button... it's finding a way to get rid of the button entirely.

  • Photography / Illustration / Video Production

    Great content and brand consistency is an important and often overlooked aspect of the creative process. Developing a photographic aesthetic or custom illustating a unique icon set all contibute volumes to the overall message that brand communicates to it's customers. I've been lucky to work as art director for everything from national television commercials to online consumer testimonial videos. It's the subtle details in the art direction that make the difference and I have a passion for finding them, and exposing their beauty.

  • Posters / Brochures / Tradeshows / Stationary

    It takes a certain persistence to master a craft that's been such an integal part of graphic design culture and history. It's the excitement of feeling a new textured paper, the joy of opening a new box of business cards with that perfect Spot UV finish or crafting a meticulous die cut brochure that reveals a hidden insert for a client's promotion. Great print design is delightful, and 'used properly' can be the perfect compliment to any integrated campaign.

  • Animation / Interaction / After Effects

    Motion and interaction design can effectively bring a design to life. It's not longer the elements on the page, but how you engage with them and how they react to your actions. We've built a mobile digital world and it's these delightful experiences that make the biggest difference in the products we build. I've had the opportunity to create numerous interactive experiences that delight users, trigger actions and increase engagement across numerous screens and devices.